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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday - Training Day

After another short night of sleep we were up early for breakfast.  After, we had personal devotions with our group.  Our verses for today were Philippians 2:1-11.  A big message we are learning here is that God is first, everyone else second, and ourselves third. 

While Castle Rock Church had their morning services, we heard a history of the Ministry and a message on evangelism. Then, the team went on a tour of the inner city of New Orleans.  We learned a lot about the projects and that Castle Rock has purchased a new, bigger property for their Mission.  It is amazing to see one fixed up house next to two others that are still destroyed by the hurricane.

We next heard a message from a man who grew up in the projects, grew to hate white people, and then realized he needed to make a difference, and not just be part of the problem.  He educated us on the difference between poverty and being poor.  He explained the mindset of the people here, how they don't even really want to get out.  We were blown away that people don't leave these few block for their entire lives.  They NEVER see any thing else. 

After lunch, we learned about the day camp we are running.  During that time, some of us will be working in the projects, cutting grass, picking up trash, etc.  We are also running a basketball ministry at a local park. 
Challenge Circle is what our evening activities will be filled with.  We will go into the projects and run games, much like Awana games with the children.  We are at three different sites.  We actually played the games and had a great time.

After supper, we had a beautiful prayer time with worship songs.   It ended with singing, and dancing, hm hm.

Thanks for praying.  The kids do not like being split up in groups, and some of the groups are hard to be in.  Please pray that they can concentrate on the service and not the other kids.  Our group is really trying to follow the rules as well, and some other groups are not.  Please continue to pray for us!


  1. Tell Elisabeth we miss her
    over here I saw her a whole lot
    in the video's.
    Yours Truly
    Poem Girl

  2. Thank you Lori for doing this! I just now found out about this blog. It is so comforting to see pics and video of the kids. Praying, praying, for you all!

  3. Hey you guys!!! We miss you tons and tons! Church was very weird without all my pals!=) I am praying for you all and can't wait to hear all your stories!