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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday - Another big day...

Today was a lot like yesterday, and it will be about the same as tomorrow.  The only difference was our chapel speaker and our afternoon activity switched.  For example, if you did games for day camp yesterday, today you might to the prayer walk.  Or if you did crafts for day camp yesterday, today you did clean up at the new church.  Everything else remained the same.  We all had a great day, but we are all exhausted.  We don't have much time to post tonight, because it was talent night and we are just getting in.   The kids had a great time preparing and performing.  It was a lot of fun, and we got ice cream!

Please pray for our energy levels.  We are making more friendships as week goes on.  The other kids are warming up as we work together daily.  Serving seems to bring out the best in people.  (-:

PS - Some one ate Carley's donut!!!!!  Oh - no she found it!!!


This is Jeremy "J" and he is the BEST!!!!


  1. Niiiice!! Icecream is SO refreshing. :) I love all the pics! J looks totally cool and a lot of fun. ;) It's great to see all of the kids with our youth, either on their shoulders or just hugging them. They're definitely bonding. They are going to have a lot of memories this summer!
    Q: What are they doing in the 6th pic from the bottom?? They're all like "ahhhh!!!" and waving their hands and stuff. It kind of twisted my mind, except that they're having fun. ;)

    PS -nice shades Mr. O. And Lindsey...well you're just funny all the time! <3

    PPS -it's like in the 50's today! and I'm freezing! probably don't know what that feels like right now. :P

    I miss you all (so much)!! And I'm praying for you guys (a lot)!!
    Love you all!

  2. Jaynie, Cassandra, and Speedy: I miss you three oodles and gazoodles :) I'm praying that you will both be blessed and be a blessing. I'm not at all surprised that you look like kid magnets; speaking of which, our little chocolate chip eyed girlish is counting the moments until you get home. Love you!

  3. Dear Elisabeth,
    I'm missing you even more and even
    more while your gone. Your little puppy Hank
    is being silly I don't think he likes sleeping a a five feet tall bed with three mattresses did I mention that Mom boosted my bed. The flood has caused us to move all things up stairs if you'll remember and guess where all the basements mattresses went well yours went on Anna's bed and I got stuck with the guest bedrooms mattresses now I have to leap on my bed and Hank always just barely makes it. I'll Be missing you and wishing you where here everyday but when I see you in a video or a picture I'll be singing and worshiping right beside you. When I say you in that video praising God I felt my heart leap and when you came by and looked at that camera and did that hey expression well I couldn't help but think it was meant for A and I. This is just a guess but I'm pretty sure your making a couple friends over there :). I thank God for giving me you as a sister and I thank God for what your doing now as I watch you stir the hearts of the people of New Orleans. Love Ya and Miss ya.
    Your Sister
    S(AKA Poem Girl)

  4. Liz,

    Enjoy every minute and every second of every day - God has opened a door before all of you to both "be blessed and Blessing" so as J Piper would say Don't waste your New Orleans trip. I'm sure your not at all, I'm confident great grace is upon you and guiding you and yet we are praying for the same. What lovely beautiful pictures!