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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday - Ready to go!

After a crazy first day with the kids, we felt like we knew a little bit more about what to expect today.  Every day starts the same with breakfast, personal devotions, and group devotions.  For group devotions we are reading from the book Radical by David Platt.  We also discuss questions or comments about the day.

Today we had chapel after devotions.  We heard from an intern named Dingo.  He has an amazing testimony of coming to Christ.  He was displaced from New Orleans for the flood and had to leave his Mom in her house with a flood coming.  He found out later she had to chop a hole in the ceiling and get rescued by a helicopter.  He lived in Dallas for a while and got REALLY mad at the world.  He did drugs and drank way too much.  One day he walked in a room and there was a Bible.  It was open to Romans 8:28 and it was like the movies with a light shining it and a light humming of angels, " LAAAAAAAA."  He came back to New Orleans and joined Castle Rock Church.  He has been living for the Lord ever since.

After chapel we had some free time.  We chose to walk about 8 blocks away to a little grocery store.  It was very interesting.  They sold fresh cut meat, but it didn't look like HyVee!  They had pigs tails and other strange stuff.  Soda was cheaper as well, and that is mostly what the kids got.  We also bought apples, as we were craving fruit!  Well, some of us were.

After lunch we had our second day of Day Camp.  Again, we were split up into teams.  Some of us were doing crafts, Bible, and games.  Others went to a basketball ministry in a park.  They try to recruit older teens to church.  One team went on a prayer walk.  In the middle of the walk, a thunderstorm came out of nowhere!  The kids were drenched, but they ended up carrying groceries for people and thought it was worth it.  The work team got soaked as well.  While they were taking shelter in the building, three weed whackers were stolen off the porch.  It was rather frustrating to the leaders.

After supper, we had our Challenge Circles again.  The groups, including Lindsey, Dean, Ryan and Katie, had an area that was too muddy.  They just played with the kids for two hours, and they were exhausted!  It was more tiring for them than the group games.  We had a lot of repeat kids, and some new ones, too.

Wednesday night is talent night, and the whole group is practicing a round with actions and drums.  I will try to video it so you can all see how talented our group is!!!

In the evenings we all get to hang out together.  It is fun to hang out and wind down after a big day.
Thank you all for praying for us.  We are all having fun and getting stretched at the same time. 

Heather - To answer the intern question - Some of the interns (who are in charge of us as volunteers) seem to have other things on their mind like, romance, dating, texting, etc.  It is just kind of distracting for the teens to see.  For example on girl has been texting during the chapel/prayer times.  Some of them seem to be more interested in each other than anything else.  Also some of them don't follow the dress code, which seems silly.  I think our group is pretty much past it now, it was just kind of a shocker at first.  Thanks!

Some of the kids from Challenge Circle.


  1. What good pictures.... I miss you guys(still) and I am (still) praying for you. You are totally going to be touching those kid's lives. God is working through you guys, and that is totally awesome! I Love you all!
    Kaylee :)

  2. Thank you so much for posting every day! I love reading about what's going on and seeing pictures of everyone. Thanks so much! Tell Caleb hi and that I love him. :)

  3. Prayed for you all, prayed for the leaders, especially our three, as A and I walked our way in prayer through much of Psalm 25 guiding us in our prayer that God would teach you his ways, that you may learn and teach others also, Good and Upright is the Lord therefore he WILL teach sinners his ways. Thank God. The meek will he guide and the secret of the Lord is with them that fear him. Prayed that with holy fear you all would trust our great God and full of the Holy Spirit would make his sweet and Glorious Gospel known to the praise of the Glory of His grace.

  4. That's awesome that you are all getting along with (some of) the kids! It looks like they're having a blast, and I'm glad that they're learning at the same time. You guys are definitely gonna make a difference, you already have. haha I bet the rain was quite refreshing though! And wow didn't actually eat ALL of those cookies...did you?? :P
    I've been praying for you guys!! And that you will all have patience in the coming events and the events that have already happened. :) Love ya'll! ;)

    PS hey Andrew i'm listening to my Fracesca Battistelli CD!! btw - we've really missed you and Joshua :)

  5. Dear Elisabeth,
    How are you I miss you even more then I did yesterday. I have a huge earache and mom has been giving me aspirin and I get to take it with almond vanilla milk it tastes like a melted malt!!! We've been busy here but I still think of you and wish I could just jump into the pics with you in them and give you a big squeeze so prepare yourself for your return home because I'm missing you plenty. I wish you could call but this is nice too. I pray for your safety and that God will bless and keep you Love you tons.
    Your Sister
    S(AKA Poem Girl)

  6. okay so I looked a bit closer aaaand...I miss took Caleb for Ryan :/ But that pic of the cookies was still funny anyways ;)